Our Story

Our Story

The CJSCF is a branch of the Canadian Centre for Scholarship and the Christian Faith, a non-profit organization based at Concordia University of Edmonton.

Dr Bill Anderson
Director & Editor in Chief

The Centre was established in 2012 by the founder and first director, Dr. Bill Anderson. Alongside the launch of the Journal, he was elected for the role of Editor in Chief.

The very heart of both the CCSCF and CJSCF came from creatively merging his love for academic learning and his passion for religion and pop culture. In welcoming tough questions and topics often deemed “taboo” in Western contemporary culture, he paved the way for cutting edge theology. Dr. Bill Anderson encouraged an appreciation for a variety of disciplines to “illuminate the Christian Faith from a different perspective.” As a scholar he has taken pleasure in his duty to share the gift of education and wisdom with those around him.

So here we are, at a new chapter of the CCSCF and CJSCF story. We wish Dr. Anderson all the best in his future endeavors and congratulate him on all that he has accomplished and all that he has given. We have no doubts that the Centre and the Journal will continue to produce cutting edge theology with a passion of highlighting the impacts of religion and theology in the many facets of our lives.

We invite you to join our community of scholarship and the public in an ongoing dialogue to understand our existence in the ever-increasingly complex world we live in. We welcome your contributions to our community of learning!

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