Guidelines for Submission

Guidelines for Submission

Please use these guidelines as a checklist for preparing your manuscript before you submit it.

  1. Subject Matter, Scope and Nature
    1.1 CJSCF has a broad scope of subject matter related to the Christian Faith
    1.2 Any academic discipline—including but not limited to the Humanities, Science, Fine Arts and Social Sciences—is welcome to relate their field to the Christian Faith
    1.3 CJSCF is largely interdisciplinary by nature
  2. CJSCF conforms to The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition 2013 and the Citation Quick Guide may be found at
  3. The author can use the provided template to write or to cut and paste their article into the CJSCF format
    3.1 The author can save the article and return to it as often as they like—but do not press submit until the article is finished and ready for review
    3.2 Hebrew and Greek fonts are available in the template format
    3.3 When the article is ready for submission click SUBMIT at the bottom of this page
  4. Review Process
    4.1 Peer Reviewed by qualified scholars in specific fields
    4.2 Editor in Chief will forward articles to appropriate scholars for review
    4.3 Double Blind Review
    4.3.1 Reviewer(s) will not know the name of the author(s)
    4.3.2 Nor will the author(s) know the name of the reviewer(s)
    4.4 Duration: May be from weeks to months
    4.5 Please be patient . . . .
  5. Copyright Statement
    Articles in the Canadian Journal for Scholarship and the Christian Faith are the property of the journal and copyrighted by them. Articles may be reproduced and quoted as long as they are properly referenced. CJSCF is an open-access publication which may enter into licensing agreements with research database services.

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